January 2015 - Bluesome

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My January was upside down. I cried a lot.
But I think, I am getting better now.
Wishing you a happy day guys! 

Photographer: Silviana Gunarsih 

Anyway, Silviana and I have promised each other to be more productive this term!
We agreed to do something that we love, which is Photography.
So yeah, will update you guys for our upcoming Photo-shoots! 


The Secrets of Masego - Masego Halloween Spa Party 2014

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I could say that this year's Halloween was a wrap! I went to party on Friday's night, and it was awesome! Was so fun! 

I mean, yeah, once it comes to clubbing, the factor of fun, mostly comes from the people that go with you tho. So yeah, because I went with awesome peeps, therefore that night was awesome! #ohyeayyy

Indeed, the fun didn't stop there! Because the next day, which was on Saturday's evening, my girls and I went to Masego Spa Party at Safra Jurong. The ticket price was $88 per person, but thank God, I got it for free from giveaways! Thank you Weekender Singapore and Junedujour.com

 for giving me those tickets!

Oh gosh really, it was so far from my home. Even Diana told me that it was like never ending journey (She stays at Pasir Ris! Can you imagine! Pasir Ris -> Boon Lay). But it's ok, we tried new things that we had never done before and it was quite fun  tho! :)

So yeah, here are some photos that I captured during the event! Keep reading! 


Once we arrived, we were given a glass of “something”. I really didn’t know what exactly it was, but I knew that it tasted a little bit sour and the glasses were so unique~

Diana's hand lol - We all three did this Tribal Nail Art, but Sarah refused to do it. She said that she's just too lazy to peel it off lol~

Wanna see your future? $10 for 2 questions~ Anyway, I would love to do it for free, but if I have to pay.. no need then hahha

10 minutes Skull massage and Ear Candling~ Anyway, that was our first time trying Ear Candling


I forgot what it is called tho T_T - But basically we put in our hand into that red-pinkish liquid, then when it is cold, we could peel it like a glove

So yeah, in the conclusion, the ticket price $88 included:

  • Free Tribal Nail Art Manicure - Nail Sticker 
  • Free 10 minutes Skull Massage 
  • Free Ear Candling
  • Free Tribal UV Face painting
  • Free hand wax - Sorry, I forgot the name

Can't wait to try the Safari Full Body Massage tho! 


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A Prodigieuse Event - NUXE, BEAUTY BY NATURE

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 Hey guys, so yeah last Sunday (01 November 2014), I attended "A Prodigieuse Event Brought to You by NUXE". I knew this event because Fusion Cosmetic sent me an invitation email regarding this event. I thought It would be fun, so I decided to join this event. 

So yeah now, I would to share with you guys about this event and about The Star Among Dry Oils !
 Keep reading guys! :)

Well, honestly I never heard about NUXE before, until I read that email and came to that event. The event was held at ION Orchard B3 atrium, which was located just outside the Epicenter and H&M. Actually, I was supposed to come on Saturday with the rest of the invited bloggers, but I went to the Halloween Party on Friday's night, so I was still tired on Saturday. Therefore I just joint the customers' session on Sunday's evening.

The event was opened with an introduction about the history of the products by Ryan, a trainer from China. Ryan told me that, the founder of NUXE, Aliza Jabes is from France, and she believes that the major therapeutic discoveries originate from the world of plants. Indeed, because of her passions about the infinite power of plants, she created two main products of NUXE; "Huile Prodigieuse & Huile Prodigieuse OR"

 Huile Prodigieuse is the multipurpose dry oil for face, body and hair. It is enriched with vitamin E, free of silicone and mineral oils

Anyway, it is designed for hair, NOT for scalp! And don't worry if your hair is colored, because this oil will help you to maintain the color. It will not make the color fade out, since oil has not the ability to oxidize your hair~

Both of Huile Prodigieuse & Huile Prodigieuse OR are contained of 6 Precious Plant Oils (Macadamia, Hazelnut, Borage, Sweet Almond, Camellia and St. John's Wort).

 Never ever knew that in France, women use it for everything! No wonder  MAT in France indicated that this oil sold every 6 seconds worldwide! Indeed, I will start using it! :)

They had a photo competition on Facebook, so this was the photo that I submitted! :)


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After all the shits that happened, this TGIF Party probably was the happiest Friday of mine during these three weeks. Oh no, do not assume that it was a perfect party like how it was wanted to be, It just did not. But yes, it almost... :)

However, I  really feel that I should say thank you to all of you! 
But it will be super cheesy if I say it directly, so I will just say it here hahahhaha


Teju , Jack and Phoebe thank you so much, oh yeeeey we just did it! We should thank to Google Drive! tho Hahahaha

 Ethan, thank you for asked these and those questions, thank you for your the awesome dance!
Cat, Swraj, and John thank you for the dance! MCs' script, winners board that you guys made, and I can say that Cat is a hard-working girl, she contributes a lot to SC. Yilin and Bi, Xie Xie nia for all of your efforts, sending the emails, updating the list! Thank youuuuu Yilin for being conscientious and grumpy, hahah SOMETIME it is a good thing! Tari, thank you for choose the songs and played the songs for us. And yeah, your songs were better that the songs that the DJ played tho. Ko Chandrooooooooooooo, the photos that you took are awesome, the poster that you made, kamsiah! HAHAHAHA :D
Gaby and Hu Nan, thanks for all!

Equally important!
 Thank you VALERIE!! 

Apuy Valerie Kho gives SC more space to take control to this year's SC batch, compare to last year's batch. And I think this is such a good thing, we learn to be independent. Thanks Val, the budgeting, the Catering, your remainders and all! Hahahhaha XD 

Thank you a lot to Music Club and Dance Club who practiced so many times for this TGIF Party. Allan, Kenneth, Putri, Tiffany, Selline, Melvin, Art, Sanvic, Zenji (Jenji?), William, Robin and all. I really proud of how music club is growing, you know! Keep it up guys! :D

To all of my dancers, Cat, Ricardo, Achu, George, Vivi, Alice, Andreas! Thank youuuuuuuuuu, sorry I did not accompany often recently, I was so busy with SC. You guys are awesome! 

To Kevin and Antotony, makasih ya! Fotonya okey-okeyy :D



Lessons learnt from TGIF Party!

  1. Organizer should check first about the terms and policy. Because what happened was, the sound was so soft, It could not bring up the atmosphere. They were not allowed to play the music loudly, because the restaurant (in the same building) was still opened. Honestly, this sound problem gave so much drawbacks. 
  2. It is better to have a few volunteers then, because when all of the SC performed, nobody played the music. ButterFact only provided one human to do all, as the consequences Tari helped to manage. 
  3. It is important to brief the photographers, seriously. I did not tell what I want, so yeah I did not get what I targeted for the photos.
  4. Just spend more money for foods, just worth it. People like it. Instead using money for printing trophies or banners. 
  5. The channel distribution must be improved. Must make sure that every groups have a change to participate, and it is okay to say no to some groups who already participated before.
  6. If the DJ spins everyday, it does not mean that he/ she will play the awesome songs. This is the difference why some DJs could be super famous + awesome and the  rests are not going anywhere. Better give the songs that we want to listen to. 
  7. Direct and personal marketing is better rather than waiting people to come to the booth. I guess, >180 tickets were sold mostly because of personal marketing muehehhehe. Pitch the ball dude!
  8. Should back up the data of participants regularly. We lost the data actually, the thumb drive was lost, and we did not back up the data regularly. As the consequences, we did unnecessary work to fill up the data.

CLUB 101
Well, let me tell you about the history of Club 101.

So once upon a time, Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) invited Dance Club to perform at their event. The event was about party party something, at Student Hub. At that time, it was Dance Club's first performance, so everyone was so excited about it. However, it was not only Dance Club who was invited, but also Music Club and any other Student Associations. Then VSA asked us to choose 2 people to be the representatives of each club or association, to play a game. Not really a game actually, It was just "show time", so basically we were given some period of time to perform something for public, anything. Catherine and I planned to be the representatives from Dance Club, and we planned to show the "Club 101", as like how Cat showed me. Then when we stepped on the stage, she said that we should switch partners, so Liesa and Quimin, while Cat with Ethan, (since it would be better if girls and boys). Cat and Ethan definitely danced on that stage, then left Quimin and me. We definitely didn't know what were we supposed to do. Then yeah, we thought hardly what should we do. I cannot dance, even sing.  in the end I just told him that we just do "Club 101".

And magic happened, people just like it. Seriously honestly and purely I didn't think about the consequences, I just did that, so I was not scared or anything. But it was different case for Club 101 for TGIF man....

Here are the timeline
- During the meeting, people asked me about how Club 101 would be. And honestly, I didn't think too much, I just said "Yes, we can do it together! And people seemed want me to do it, so yeah, I thought that we would do it together, so can can can!

  • One week before TGIF:  I started asking myself, should I do it, could I do it? I did not answer that question, I put it off.
  • Four days before TGIF : I realized that it will be super embarrassing!! Shit, so I told them that is it possible to cancel Club 101? And they were like "what what whatttttttttttt no!"
  • Three days before TGIF: I couldn't sleep man. I was really wondering what people're gonna think about me if I do that. And even worst, I think I am not gonna get boyfriend! HIKSSSSSSS HIKSSSSSSS I really woke up and thought about the consequences. Shittttt I minimize the probability to get my future boyfriend man! He probably would "ilfil" HIKS... 
  • Two days before TGIF : Shit, I couldn't sleep! Was so fucked up with that "scary feeling"
  • One day before TGIF :  Honestly I really wanted to cry, I was so scared. I asked, I nagged to them, "Can we cancel Club 101, PLEASEEEE?" - "I think we don't have so much time?!" - "I think Gaby should go for it?" and blablabla. Everyone was like "It is too last minutes! - "What the hell" - "NOOO WAY!" . I was hardly making nonsense excuses become "make sense reasons". That day, one day before TGIF, I came to school to help logistic's team, and there was where I nagged to them. But however, I failed. One side I didn't want to do it because I was so scared, I did not have enough self-confidence to do it,  but the another side I felt that I had to do it, I didn't want to make them down. Sigh.... So after I failed to make sure them that I should not do it, I just decided that I had no choice, I should be prepared. Even I did not have enough self-confidence, I just decided to fake it till I make it. To fake the 'self- confidence" that I did not have. I was on my way to home, I started to type what I would to say for tomorrow's Club 101.  And that journey, Block 48 - Lower Delta Road till Opp Gulap Building, was exactly the moment where I decided to do it, just do my best and prepared for it.
  • TGIF : I don't know, I felt I did my best. and it was not so bad. So yeah. I did it! I fake it and I got it! I faked my self-confidence, and on the show time, I just got it. HAHAHHA fuck youu 
  • After TGIF: I really don't give a shit about it. I would not get a boyfriend tho, but whateverrrrrrrrr!! So what thoooo muahhahaa 

Professional Sucker!

 Best Couple! <3 


 Janu~ She wore a cute polkadot top and red skirt! :)



Something that was not expected

And again, I still remember how a big history happened. 
If you read this and understand what I mean, I hope you guys would stay being neutral. 
Do not jump to the conclusion, since we do not know the whole story and maybe we just heard from one side. I mean, this is such a long story, and by being neutral, it would not make the situation become better, but at least not make it even worse, I guess? And just let the time heals everything. 


For more photos you can see from these ->
TGIF - Part 3 


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